5 ways Onyx Digital can partner with you to grow your business

It’s a digital world out there and not only surviving but thriving as a business can be difficult. There are a whole slew of things a business is expected to know and do to be competitive; sometimes it can be overwhelming. Luckily, Onyx Digital can help you with some of those burdens.

Many people only think of a digital agency as someone you hire when you need a website designed or an app created, but here are 5 ways a digital agency can help grow your business in addition to those services.

5 Things an Agency Can Do

  • Research and Insights – One area a digital agency often flourishes is in research. Research of your competitors and your own customer base can provide valuable information which leads to important insights about how you should approach your own business. For example, knowing what your competition is doing allows you to formulate your plans to attract customers away from them. Understanding the common patterns for your target audience allows you to predicate future behavior more accurately.
  • Analyzing Data – Data is everywhere from statistics on website usage to downloads, to social media shares and even behavior of customers while on your app; these are all valuable pieces to a very large puzzle. The problem lies in understanding what to do with those numbers to then transform them into useful, pertinent information. Aside from the time it takes, in many cases knowing the best way to analyze and interpret the data and the best manner to act on it takes experience.
  • Experience and Education – Building on the previous two points, the experience is a huge factor that a great agency brings to the table. That knowledge of what works, what doesn’t, different ways to go about things is learned from years of doing and working with companies of all shapes and sizes is invaluable. Even better, that knowledge is then used to educate and inform which helps strengthen the infrastructure of your business. A good example is how many companies are hiring social media people because they know social media is important, but they don’t always know why. Add to that the social media hire might have a lot of knowledge of platforms but not the best ways to integrate a social media campaign with sales or customer service. Experience counts and having people on hand to provide much-needed answers can be critical to growth and success.
  • Digital Optimization – People who are experts in the digital industry are going to be able to tell you that the latest content you just posted to Facebook would be much more effective if started on Pinterest while the video content you posted to your website would actually work better on Facebook with a link to it from an article posted on the website. While that is a rather random example, the point is true. Understanding how to optimize ad campaigns and content is critical as you hone your brand and look to funnel people towards your calls to action.
  • Creative Strategy – Another area digital agencies excel is with creativity and strategy. That knowledge of trends and technology coupled with an understanding of demographics are like paint on the canvas for creative people who can come up with unique and exciting ideas and strategies to give you a leg up on the competition and allow your business to stand out.

Onyx Digital Rocks

There are many different ways in which a digital agency can help a company. Often people have a hard time outsourcing certain functions, but when you are growing is exactly the right time to look at outside vendors as a way to fuel expansion and get you to the next level before you increase your own staff and infrastructure.

If you need help with your online presence, holler at us!