Are YouTube ads right for my business?

Here at Onyx, we think so!

The majority of people still love YouTube, and it’s a platform used by millions. While it’s not right for every business, we think it’s worth spending some advertising budget on in most cases.

YouTube gets over 30 million visitors a day… You read that right, thir-ty mill-ion. That amount of traffic makes it a digital marketing powerhouse. Is does require a knowledge of how to reach your target audience, and daily monitoring to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck, and keeping your cost – per – view down (Onyx Digital’s average cost per view is $0.04).

We like YouTube advertising because you only pay if the user watches the video passed the thirty-second mark, and we feel that (especially skippable in-stream videos), you aren’t going to watch until 30 seconds unless you’re interested in finding out more, meaning that ultimately we are paying for more qualified prospects.

As a marketer, you are probably assuming that video advertising is expensive, but YouTube makes video advertising pretty affordable. Remember, with YouTube advertising, you pay per video view whether it’s for a full video or 30 seconds.

How does Onyx Digital measure if our ads or our clients ads are effection?

  • Views: The number of times people watched or engaged with your video ad. This will help you see the audience you’re reaching.
  • Clicks: The number of times people clicked on your video. This can help you understand how engaging your ad is to people who see it.
  • Video viewership: This allows you to see what share of viewers completed 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of your video ad. It helps you understand where your audience is losing interest. This can also help you understand how you can improve your messaging!

    If you have the budget, and you have the time (if not, we are here to help!), we think adding YouTube advertising to your overall strategy is a no brainer.

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