Coffee and Code: Why we don’t like Divi.

In our last post, we stated why we offer a custom Elementor build to our clients. In a nutshell, it saves us time which saves our clients money ($1,000 of dollars in development type of money), but we also mentioned that we really don’t like Divi and we thought we should explain ourselves.

As WordPress developers, over the years – we’ve seen various page builders like Elementor and Divi and come and go and we’ve messed around with most of them. Some that have come and gone are Visual Composer (Now WPBakery Page Builder), Beaver Builder, Onion Builder, and now Divi.

Our short answer to why we don’t offer Divi builds or even maintains Divi sites – shortcodes.

If you ever want to leave Divi, you’re looking at a complete website rebuild.

Beware: should you ever decide to switch theme at some point in the future, your dear content will be soaked in a sea of shortcodes.

We’re not talking “a few shortcodes here and there” – we’re talking massive shortcode pollution to an extent that will make your web site look like, well… a giant “waste disposal” site. Not nice.


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