Coffee boosts creativity. :mug clink:

Great news, everyone! Coffee is shown to provide a much-needed boost to creativity. Let’s dive deeper.

Coffee is a part of regular routines for many creatives — web developers in particular. Coffee shops are also preferred workspaces, as the ambient noise found in coffee shops has been shown to be conducive to creative cognition.

A cup of coffee can feel like the needed kickstart to a creative process, and help gets us into a creative flow. But how are coffee and creativity really linked?

Coffee not only increases our energy and keeps us from being sleepy, but it helps our concentration. That’s why when we drink a cup of coffee before working, we feel like we can focus and get things done.

When we look at coffee and creativity, it’s important to remember that coffee is more than just a drink; for many of us, it’s a ritual, and ritual can be an essential part of encouraging creativity. So while the effects of caffeine might not assist in allowing your mind to wander, having a set ritual every day (let’s say, in this case, coffee and writing) can also be an essential part of a creative practice.

Want to help fuel your creativity? Go on a walk, do something spontaneous, set aside time to do something new, get off your smartphone, use your imagination, read, or talk to someone about a subject you know nothing about.

Then once those juices are flowing and you’re ready to do something with them, pour yourself a cup of coffee and get started. Who knows what you’ll end up creating.

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