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Professional services firms (consulting firms, accounting firms, technology firms,  insurance and financial services, etc.) are often up against a unique set of digital marketing challenges that require innovative digital marketing solutions. As a uniquely-positioned marketing agency, we use lead generation, lead nurturing and lead management solutions and digital marketing services to address many of the challenges these companies face—which leads to more closed sales. Onyx digital marketing solutions will help you:

  • Create demand for your brand, product or service
  • Reduce the cost of leads and convert more leads into new customers
  • Create efficient and optimized processes for your internal teams, resulting in revenue growth

Accelerate your business growth

As thought leaders for professional services companies, Onyx Digital has developed a unique approach that’s helped our clients attract the right prospects, nurture those prospects using digital inbound marketing campaigns and ultimately convert them into customers. Here’s some strategy to get it done.


To make this work, you really only need to ask one question: “What is your biggest struggle?”

Your goal is to understand the problems they’re facing so you can create effective content that targets their deepest interests.


Once you have the general feelings of your target market, it’s a good idea to start seeking out individuals you can contact for more in-depth information.

I recommend looking for a few clients or customers you’ve already acquired.

Ask them if they’d be OK with a 10-minute phone call or a video chat about their current struggles. Mention you’ll offer them advice if you can.

(Usually, customers are excited about this. It’s like a free consultation for them.)

Once you’re on the call, try to find out exactly what their biggest struggles are. Ask them to describe those struggles in the clearest language possible.

Get to exactly what frustrates them, and what solutions they tried before but weren’t successful with.

You’ll use this data to create content.

Content is King

The quality of the content you create is the most important feature of your inbound marketing strategy.

If you create generic, self-serving articles and videos, you’ll never see success.

No matter how hard you promote this content or how you designed it to rank well in search engines, you’re going to struggle to find new clients and customers.

The best-in-class content marketers work tirelessly to adapt their content to the target audiences they want to attract — and where they are in the customer journey.

We hope these digital marketing inbound strategy tips get you started on the right track. If you need further help, hire us.

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