Is your website hurting your business?

This is a huge problem with many of the websites we see today – across all industries. If you own a business, your web design is crucial to generating new customers — and it can be the single most important element keeping you from increasing revenues, and acquiring new customers.

Your potential customers use the Internet to find local products and services more than ever before. Customers of all ages and all demographics go right to their phone, laptop, tablet or desktop to find what they need. This means that your web design, and keeping it responsive – is more important than ever.

First Impressions Count

Were you aware that most people will judge the quality of your business by the quality of your website? A potential customer’s first impression of your website determines whether they will look into your business further and contact you — or simply leave and search for another company.

Do your potential customers see old photos and out of date information when they visit your site? Are your graphics stunning or boring? Is your logo outdated, or is it fresh and modern? Does your website have a strong call to action? Is the phone number prominent? These are just a few of the things that can drive an interested customer away from your website and right into the hands of your competition.

Responsiveness is Important

Over 50% of all searches are performed on a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet.  Also, over 50% of Google results on mobile devices were different than those from the same search on a desktop device. Independent testing has shown that Google’s updated algorithm slightly favors websites that provide mobile users with a favorable, and responsive experience. Some other things to consider:

  • A modern design that creates a great first impression
  • User-friendly navigation that makes things easy to find
  • Your phone number listed at the top of the homepage
  • mobile responsive website so people can view it on all devices
  • Photos which speak to your potential customers
  • Accreditations and memberships
  • A modern logo and branding elements

In today’s rapidly changing digital society, great dental web design can make or break your business. We can make your web design work for you and help you to stand out from your competition! Contact us today to get started.