Our 5-step continuous improvement plan for 2020

We know. Many business owners have marketing questions and concerns, and we’re here to help solve and strategize.

However, as an agency, we have our own questions and concerns in regards to growth. With that being said, we’ve taken a month off of blogging (see yesterday’s post) to really think about this past year, all the amazing projects we’ve been a part of, and focus on our strategy for 2020.

Our strategy for 2020 can really be focused on one word – REACH.

How do we help our current clients and reach out to existing potential partners and help them expand their potential? We’ve picked some strategies from our 2020 plan.

Overhaul our social media presence 

We help a lot of other businesses with their own social media profiles and social media advertising, and sometimes, this causes us here at Onyx Digital, to lose focus on our own social media presence and how we are (or aren’t) interacting with others online. If you’re rethinking your voice on social as well, we recommend starting to think about the following:

  • Character/persona: Who does your brand sound like?
  • Tone: The underlying vibe. Are they humble, flashy, insightful, or something else entirely?
  • Language: How does your client speak to customers? Jargon and insider terminology, or simple, clear communication?
  • Purpose: What are they trying to achieve, and what can their followers expect from them?

As we dive deeper into our own social media strategy, we are here to help you, whether you need to clearly define your brand’s tone of voice, then we can create content that can be utilized on almost all platforms. A clear brand voice leads to better social content, which means higher engagement, and hopefully shares.

Share great content

If we want to get noticed on social media (or if we want our clients too), we need content – period. And to really make an impact, that content needs to be great and provide value.

Producing a lot of good social content can be a challenge, and we love a challenge.

Save yourself some time and find good content elsewhere. This can be done easily with tools like Mention or Buzzsumo, which find top content based on certain keywords. Instead of having to produce 10 tweets per day, write 4 original posts, share 3 from other sources, and find 3 interesting quotes or images (for example).

The single best way to increase social engagement is to be present and responsive on social media. When a customer asks for help, respond. When an interesting conversation takes place, be involved.

The simplest way to do this is to use a social media monitoring tool. These let you listen for your chosen keywords, and receive alerts whenever they’re used.

The most important thing is to choose a tool that lets you track all the major social networks from one place. It’s frustrating trying to keep an eye on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and all the rest manually.

So don’t. Let robots do it for you.

Don’t forget about video

Think (a little) about SEO

We won’t do a full deep dive into SEO in this post. If you’re a regular at our blog – we break down SEO tactics and tips on the reg.

For starters, understand the importance of keywords. New bloggers often believe that if their work is funny or interesting, people will find it. Maybe they will, but this is a business.

5. Start video marketing

Video marketing is becoming more and more important. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops let people watch video from anywhere. Video is predicted to account for 74% of all web traffic in 2017. That’s a lot.

Make video a priority.


Video is great for mobile

We already talked about how well video suits social media. Part of the reason is that so many users access social on their phones, and reading long posts just isn’t much fun. You want content they can digest easily as they scroll through their feed, and video fits the bill.

But we shouldn’t limit ourselves only to social media. 28% of smartphone users watch at least one video per day on their device. And it’s for the same reason: mobile users are on the go, and video is an easy, shareable medium.

Marketing is getting more mobile, and mobile users want video. Your client needs to embrace video marketing.

People are actively looking for them

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. When people look for advice, inspiration, and entertainment, YouTube is a key destination. Creating video lets you unlock a whole new source of potential buyers for your client. In this way, you increase their reach simply by being present in more places.

And while we talked about the value of a business blog, many of your client’s target buyers may not be blog readers. Some people prefer to watch. To reach these people, you need to have content for them.

Plus, video helps you win on other search engines. Posts with videos in them are 53 times more likely to make Google’s first page.

And one more fun fact: simply mentioning the word “video” in an email subject line can increase the open rate by 13%. People want videos, and the brands that can’t provide them will get left behind.

Video is a branding tool

As you develop your brand, video can help to make them more memorable and recognizable. The tone, style, and people in the video all paint a picture of a company.

Define what they want their brand to look like, and the feeling they want to create. Are they a fun, carefree business? Do they want to feel more corporate and professional? The way the video feels can last far longer in the viewer’s mind than content itself.


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