What social media networks make sense for my business?

C’mon. It’s 2020. Every company needs a presence on social media platforms. As a business owner or marketer, you most likely understand this concept, but you’re having trouble navigating the details on how to make social media work for your business.

One of the main causes of a failed social strategy is prioritizing the wrong social media platforms. It’s an understandable mistake to make—social media is fickle, and staying on top of the new channels, trends, and current best practices (not to mention the dozens of niche social media platforms like Nextdoor and MeetUp) takes a lot of time and dedication.

That whole “takes a lot of time and dedication” thing doesn’t resonate with business owners who have a to-do list longer than a line at the DMV. So, I’m never surprised when one of the first things they ask during a consultation is, “which social media platform should my business be on?”

Tricky question, and since you’re reading this, you’ve had the exact same one. I’ll tell you this: Before I give our clients any sort of recommendation I always need to know—and so should you—three key things:

  1. Are you B2C, B2B, or both?
  2. What’s your target audience?
  3. What’s your overall goal?

That’s what you really need to focus on. If you know the answers to those three questions, it’s relatively easy to pare it down to a solid two to three platforms to dedicate your time to.  (Side note—Yes, a solid two or three; no more. Unless you have a giant team to manage them all or employ a social media marketing company like Blue Corona, do not try to be on too many social media channels. They each take time, and you won’t see results unless you put in the man-hours.)

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