Simple Lead Generation Strategies

As many states are starting to open up business from the COVID-19 pandemic, leads are the lifeblood of any business. Without a consistent flow of high-quality leads, a business will eventually die. But with so many lead generation strategies available, it can be overwhelming to know where to place your focus.

To successfully generate leads and convert them into client’s, your marketing strategy needs to reflect what your clients want and expect.

If you are a business owner or offer any kind of professional service, generating high quantity as well as high quality leads are your most important objective. A successful lead generation engine is what keeps the pipeline full of sales prospects even while you sleep. Generating leads is a top priority for all marketers, and it should be for all businesses as well.

These strategies can be utilized to help increase your lead flow, and we hope you take advantage of all of them.

Email marketing begins with an offer in exchange for an email address of your potential customers. Create a targeted list of potential prospects in your niche and then continue to stay top of mind with email marketing.

Blogging regularly is a great way to keep your website fresh as well as build up your visibility for Google keyword searches. It is also an excellent way to build trust in your brand, nurture leads and build your credibility as a subject matter expert.

In addition to blogging, get into the habit of regularly posting on social media. LinkedIn is an especially important platform if you offer any B2B product or service. Sharing content on LinkedIn will increase your visibility and drive up your metrics on LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index and similar sites.

While digital marketing is essential, you’ll never beat face-to-face contact for impact and the ability to have a two-way conversation and to develop the vital know, like, and trust factor. Go ‘old-school’ whenever you get the chance.

Emailing prospects with links to case studies or customer success stories can be incredibly effective in attracting those prospects to your business. A proper case study demonstrates a clear and quantifiable ROI [Return on Investment] and provides social proof, setting you up for success.

In this day of social media, text messaging, and emails, it’s easy for communication to get lost in the shuffle or be ignored.

How about trying something different, such as writing a letter or calling a prospect and having a real conversation? It’s difficult to ignore such a personal touch, and it often breaks down barriers in connecting.

At a time when people are overwhelmed by the digital ecosystem, people enjoy having real conversations that add value to their lives or business.

Customer referrals can become be one of your primary sources of generating new business leads. But to be in that position, you must keep in touch with your existing customers on a personal level. Everyone is looking for silver bullet lead generation strategies and often forget to go back to the basics – instead of B2B (business-to-business), why don’t we start thinking H2H (human-to-human).

Don’t take your foot off the gas when business is good; continue to implement your lead generation strategies to keep your sales pipeline full.

By making the mistake of slowing down lead generation when business is doing well, you risk a shortfall of leads at the time when you may end up needing them. Continue to consistently generate leads to maintain the health of your sales pipeline and protect the future growth of your business.