Onyx Digital’s Tips to Stay Creatively Inspired

Let’s face it — we have to feel inspired to thrive in our creative flow. It’s important that we feel the need to create art and it takes even greater courage to create functional, respectable art. Rekindling that once fiery passion for your craft may seem nearly impossible when our motivation levels are that of a deflated balloon, though they’re there (and ready for action, baby). So, let’s get at it!

Only say yes to opportunities worth your time

Opening yourself to integral opportunities that hold interesting, engaging project briefs will keep your brain on its toes. Not only will this open the door of possibilities for profound artistic expression but, better yet —  you’ll attract better, high-quality assets to focus on those more prominent and better ideas.

Go beyond your comfort zone

Our primary instinct is to explore within our borders in the medium of which we craft. Seeking immediate blunder with our familiarity is natural. However, the feeling of being stuck in quicksand is desperate for an extra push outside the typical grind. Taking inspiration from other sectors in your industry will create powerful and often surprising ideas for innovation.

If you’re a filmmaker, go to a science museum. If you’re a painter, read up on architecture. If you’re a photographer, attend a film festival. You can do anything you set your mind to, face towards a different direction you usually would.

Use real-life experience

Photography and filmmaking are a real-life depictions of a particular moment captured within a distilled frame. Creators’ work that reaches out to me the most are the ones that travel the world, catch controversial issues, and stay relevant to modern times.

So, go out and grab those stomach twisting memories you’ve been waiting for; your travels, relationships, joys, hardships, work schedules, likes, dislikes, and the little moments sprinkled in your everyday.

Crack open a book

I get that not everyone is some loveable page-turning freak like myself, but I think it’s crucial to find stimulus from a tangible entity. Take your eyes off of the screen and place your hands on something you can feel, hold, and love. It doesn’t have to be some ultra-creative fictional piece — perhaps you’re into pictures books, self-help tutorials, or dusty vintage magazines from your mother’s dresser. The very act of you reading this article on either your computer or smartphone suggests you are in need some mind play.

Just do the damn thing

If all you are doing is waiting for the perfect “ah-hah!” moment to arise, then you would have wasted that vital energy you could have fostered into creating a project. Even when not a single drop of hope ensues, show up at your station and get the work done anyways. This mindful practice of active expression will catch endurance to spark a step in a direction that’s right for you. Conducting personable, meaningful art means having a good work ethic through creative problem solving and persistence in ambition. Seek accountability, set goals, and do the dang thing.

Finding the groove to stay creatively motivated is merely a fraction of the overall artistic process. Don’t wait for a celestial permission slip to grant you generation access; instead, pull from living experiences, practice active mindfulness, put in the hours, and work hard. Exercise your mind and heart with books, relationships, and whole-hearted opportunities because, guess what?

You’re worth it.